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Office of Transfer and Transition Services

Dallas Hall

Continuing SMU Undergraduate Students

Once students have matriculated (officially enrolled) at SMU, there is a limit to the number of hours students may transfer to SMU. Effective Fall 2009, SMU students may transfer no more than 30 hours to SMU after they matriculate. This limit does NOT apply to transfer hours earned prior to matriculation.

To ensure that a course taken at another college or university will transfer and that proper credit will be awarded, continuing SMU students should complete an Undergraduate Petition for Advanced Approval of Transfer Credit - GEC or an Undergraduate Petition for Advance Approval of Transfer Credit - UC available online or in your Dean's office. Approval from the following people is required:

  • Academic Advisor
  • Chair of SMU department offering equivalent course
  • Course's Academic Dean/Director
  • Student's Academic Dean/Director

Students who fail to get prior approval for transfer work may petition later for transfer credit, but they have no assurance that it will be awarded. Permission may be denied for educational reasons.

SMU schools have differing policies regarding the transferability of courses from 2-year institutions and most post-matriculation transfer work taken by continuing SMU students must be completed at accredited, 4-year institutions. It is imperative that SMU students petition ALL post-matriculation transfer courses PRIOR to enrollment in courses. Students who fail to get prior approval for transfer work have no assurances that they will receive credit for their courses.

Students are responsible for making sure an official transcript of all transfer work attempted is sent to the University Registrar immediately following completion of the work.

Official college transcripts are required for all college-level work attempted, regardless of transferability. See the Standards for Official Transcripts page for transcript requirements.

All SMU students are limited to a total of 12 hours of Pass credits. This includes grades earned for accepted transfer courses. This requirement cannot be waived. Continuing SMU students should have their transcripts sent to:

University Registrar
P.O. Box 750181
Dallas, TX 75252-0181

NOTE: Please be aware that graduate and professional programs have certain limits regarding the transferability of courses. You should consult with your specific school or department concerning transfer courses.