Our courses aim to provide students with interesting, hands-on experiences that will continue to be valuable long after final grades are submitted. Here's a look at some of our new courses and curricular offerings that are broadening student horizons: 

Community Development and Non-Profit Course Cluster

The Sociology Department now offers four different courses focused on community development and non-profit organizations. These include:

SOCI 3321
Nonprofit Organizations: Conceptual Primer
SOCI 3322
Nonprofits at Work in the Community
SOCI 4351   
Nonprofit Fundraising and Grant Writing
SOCI 4353
Nonprofit Management and Community Leadership


These courses can be combined with other department offerings on urban sociology, social movements, organizations, environmental sociology, and others to create a concentrated set of courses involving community development and public-oriented sociology. Planned offerings for Spring 2019 include an additional course in evaluation research methods.

Spotlight Courses

The Department of Sociology is pleased to announce the successful completion of a second study abroad program specifically designed for Sociology and Markets and Culture majors. In Summer 2018, Dr. Sheri Kunovich (Sociology) and Dr. Pamela Corley (PLSC) took 25 students to Prague for a 6 week intensive course on comparative politics which included an internship experience. In Summer 2019, Dr. Debra Branch (Sociology) will be taking students on a 4 week intensive experience in Havana-Miami.  Dr. Branch will be co-teaching with Dr. Lourdes Molina from World Languages.