SMU designated proficiency test

The Second Language Requirement at SMU can be fulfilled by achieving a score of Intermediate-Mid or above on the ACTFL OPI examination in a language not taught at SMU.

In order to schedule an OPI examination, follow these steps:

1. Pay the $195 exam fee online

Submit Payment

2. Send a copy of your receipt by email to the World Languages & Literatures Teaching and Technology Center. Make sure that your receipt includes your first and second choice dates for testing. The first choice must be at least 72 business hours from the date of the test request (so no earlier than 3 days from now). For each block of time, you need to include a 3-hour window.

For example:
First choice: Thursday, Nov. 15 between 3-6 pm
Second choice: Friday, Nov. 16 between 8-11am

3. You will receive confirmation of the date, time, and location of the exam as soon as it has been scheduled.

For more information about the format of the exam, see here. Please note that students are not permitted to take the OPI exam on their own if they plan to use the results to fulfill the Second Language Requirement.