Faculty and Staff

Sondra N. Barringer Assistant Professor of Education Policy and Leadership, Simmons School of Education
Courtesy Faculty in Sociology
Debra Branch Senior Lecturer
Interests: Gender, Race, and Class, Research Methods, Work and Organizations
Nancy Campbell Senior Lecturer
Interests: Social Movements, Inequality, Qualitative Methods, Theory, Historical & Comparative Sociology, Organizations, Globalization
Leslie DeArman Lecturer and Undergraduate Advisor
Interests: Quantitative Research, Secondary Data Analysis, Gender, Social Stratification
Karen Delk
Administrative Assistant
Jessica Garrick Assistant Professor
Interests: Political and Economic Sociology, Law, Labor, Work and Organizations, Social Movements, Immigration
Matthew R. Keller
Associate Professor and Chair
Interests: Economic Sociology, Organizations, Innovation, Politics and Policy, Historical Sociology
Lucas O. Kirkpatrick Assistant Professor
Interests: Urban Sociology; Economic and Fiscal Sociology; Urban Democracy/Citizenship; Urban & Regional Planning
Sheri L. Kunovich
Associate Professor and Associate Provost for Student Academic Engagement and Success
Interests: Gender, Politics, Wealth and Consumption
Andrea Laurent-Simpson

Interests: Sociological Social Psychology; Identity Processes; Family and Fertility; Medical Sociology; Human-Nonhuman Animal Relationships; Qualitative Sociology

Anne E. Lincoln
Associate Professor
Interests: Culture, Gender, Work and Organizations, Professions
Alicia C. Schortgen Lecturer
Interests: Philanthropic Behavior, Giving Theories, Nonprofit Organizations
Kara Sutton Visiting Lecturer
Interests: Applied Sociology, Nonprofits and Community Practice, Evaluation Research and Social Data Analytics, Social Innovation and Inequality