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Religious Studies Course Schedule Fall 2014

RELI 1301-001          Ways of Being Religious  

                                                  J. DeTemple   TuTh  9:30-10:50am   Armstrong 126  RELI Limit: 25; AARO Limit: 5 Overall     Enrollment: 30

 RELI 1303-001        Introduction to Asian Religions

                                    Lindquist MWF   1:00-1:50pm  Hyer 200  RELI Limit: 35 AARO Limit: 10 Overall Limit: 45

RELI 1304-001            Introduction to Western Religions           

                                                Chancey  TuTh  12:30-1:50pm  Hyer 107   RELI Limit: 19; AARO Limit: 11 Overall Limit: 30

 RELI 1304-002H       Introduction to Western Religions           

                                                Lamoreaux   TuTh  2:00-3:20pm  Hyer 201  RELI: 10  RELI Honors: 20; AARO: 5 Overall Limit: 35; Enrollment partially limited to students in University Honors Program

RELI 1311-001             Judaism, Christianity, and the Bible

                                                R. Cogley  MWF  2:00-2:50pm    Hyer 107 RELI Limit: 25; AARO Limit: 10; Overall Limit: 35

RELI 3306-001         Hinduism

                                    S. Lindquist  MWF    10:00-10:50am  Hyer 106  Overall Limit: 26

RELI 3310-001C       (SOCI 3320-001C) The Social-Scientific Study of Religion

                                    DeTemple   TuTh   12:30-1:50pm  Hyer 107  RELI Limit: 18 SOCI Limit: 17 Overall Limit: 35

 RELI 3319-001         Hebrew Bible

                                    Frolov  TuTh     2:00-3:20pm Hyer 107 Overall Limit: 35

 RELI 3324-001         American Judaism  

                                                Frolov    TuTh   3:30-4:50pm   Dallas Hall 102    Overall Limit: 27

 RELI 3326-001           New Testament

                                                Chancey  TuTh  9:30-10:50am  Hyer 204    Overall Limit: 30

 RELI 3335-001         Religious Sects in America

                                    Cogley  MWF  12:00-12:50pm   Dallas Hall 157   Overall Limit: 24

 RELI 3337-001H      (CF 3356) Christianity and American Public Life

                                                C. Curran  M  2:00-4:50pm  Prothro Hall 206  RELI:5; CF: 15; Overall Limit: 20; Enrollment limited to University Honors Program Students

RELI 3337-002C      (CF 3356) Christianity and American Public Life

                                                C. Curran  T  2:00-4:50pm  Dallas Hall 115 RELI:5; CF: 25; Overall Limit: 30

RELI 3342-001         Religion in the US to 1865

                                    K. Engel  MWF   11:00p-11:50am   Hyer 204    Overall Limit: 35

 RELI 3362-701            Islam and the West

                                                Lamoreaux   TuTh  5:00-6:20pm   Hyer 102  Overall Limit: 35

RELI 3365-001C       (CF 3339) Understanding the Self: East & West

                                                  Barnard  TuTh  9:30-10:50am   Loyd Common Room 104 RELI Limit: 11; CF Limit: 16; Overall: 27

 RELI 3378-001         Religions of China

                                    Elverskog   MW   4:00-5:20pm  Hyer 102   Overall Limit: 45

 RELI 3380-001        Women and Religion in America

                                    K. Engel   MWF    9:00-9:50am     Hyer 102   Overall Limit: 35

RELI 4388-001           Special Topics: “Waking Up: The Philosophy of Yoga/Meditation"                                                                                                                         

Barnard TuTh 12:30-1:50pm  Hyer 104 Overall Limit: 12, Enrollment Limited to Instructor’s Consent Only

RELI 4398/99              Independent Study

                                                Departmental Permission Required



Fall 2014 New Course Description


RELI 4388-001: Special Topics: "Waking Up: The Philosophy of Yoga and the Practice of Meditation.” 

Barnard  TuTh 12:30-1:50p  Hyer 104 Overall Limit: 12, Enrollment Limited to Instructor’s Consent Only

 In this upper-level seminar, we will be exploring the foundational philosophical and psychological assumptions of the rich (and often controversial) Hindu traditions of yoga and tantra. During the semester, we will be investigating the yogic/tantric vision, a vision replete with energy centers, powerful breathing techniques, multiple modes of meditation, interlaced gods and goddesses, profound understandings of the nature of selfhood and consciousness, the sacralization of sexuality and daily life, and the goal of full awakening to one’s Divine Nature. The course will have an equal emphasis on theory, experience, and practice (unfortunately, however, we will not be practicing yogic postures/asanas in class due to the small size of the classroom).  Permission from the instructor (Professor Barnard) is required, and enrollment is limited.