Timothy Seiter


Ph.D. Program



Email: TSeiter@smu.edu
Professional website: https://karankawas.com
Social media:

Educational Background

University of Houston, 2019 B.A., summa cum laude
Alvin Community College, 2016 A.A., summa cum laude


Tim Seiter is writing a comprehensive history of the Karankawa Peoples, the most maligned Native Americans in Texas. His history attempts to tear down colonial Spanish propaganda that continues to persist to this day and rebuild the Karankawas’ image in a more accurate light—as ingenious and innovative Indians.

At the moment Tim is working on a journal article about the little known Karankawa-Spanish War in the late eighteenth-century, a war that became so overblown that coupled with pressure by the Apaches, Comanches, and Norteños, contributed to the near-collapse of Spanish Texas. Furthermore, Tim is building an open-access archive for the thousands of Karankawa-related sources he has thus far encountered. 

To learn more about Tim’s projects or to get in touch, visit Karankawas.com.