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Glenn M. Linden Associate Professor of the U.S. Civil War Era



Office: Dallas Hall Room 58-C
Phone: 214-768-4043
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Educational Background

University of California-Berkeley, Ph.D., 2012, University of Maryland-College Park, B.A., 2000


I’m a historian of nineteenth-century U.S. politics and economic development, paying particular attention to the dynamics of northern agriculture and the political economy of slavery in the decades of the Civil War era. I tend to think about these topics within the broader frameworks of nationalism, state formation, party politics, systemic racism and the history of economic thought. My new book, Grassroots Leviathan: Northern Agricultural Reform in the Slaveholding Republic, will be out in fall 2020 with Johns Hopkins University Press.

I’ll be on research leave 2019-2020 at the Cornell Society of Fellows and 2020-2021 at the Kluge Center at the Library of Congress.


The Civil War and Reconstruction

The Intellectual History of Capitalism

The United States as a Developing Country

The Energy Transition in Nineteenth-Century America


King Hay: Energy History and Economic Nationalism in the American Civil War Era

The Great Government Giveaway: The Land-Grant Era in American Capitalism

Toward a History of the Associative-Developmental State in America


Grassroots Leviathan: Northern Agricultural Reform in the Slaveholding Republic (forthcoming in 2020 with Johns Hopkins University Press)

“Taking Stock of the State in Nineteenth-Century America,” Journal of the Early Republic 38 (Spring 2018): 61-66 (with Gautham Rao, an introduction to a special forum in the journal).

“Summoning the State: Northern Farmers and the Transformation of American Politics in the Mid-Nineteenth Century,” Journal of American History 103 (Sep 2016): 347-374.

“Scientific Agriculture and the Agricultural State: Farmers, Capitalism, and Government in the Late Nineteenth Century,” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era 14 (Jul 2016): 294-309.

“Henry Carey’s Rural Roots: ‘Scientific Agriculture’ and Economic Development in the Antebellum North,” Journal of the History of Economic Thought 37 (Jun 2015): 263-275.