Masters Program

The master’s degree is offered on two tracks: U.S. History and Global History. Students in the U.S. history track will inaugurate their study in the context of global/comparative history and historiography, and they will develop their knowledge of the U.S. in graduate coursework and develop their specific interests in either two research papers or a thesis.

Students in the global history track will begin their studies with an introduction to historiography and global and comparative history, followed by graduate coursework on the histories of various areas of the world, with specific topics developed in either two research papers or a thesis.

Students may develop their interests by working with faculty knowledgeable in classical history, medieval history, early modern and modern Europe, Russia, the Islamic world, sub-Saharan Africa, the Atlantic world, Latin America, East Asia and South Asia, as well as the various regions, periods, and themes of the United States. Click here to apply. 

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