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Jasper Neel


Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Jasper Neel English faculty portraitI am currently working the third part of a trilogy of books I began working on in 1980.  The third book will situate Isocrates in the fields of rhetoric/composition and North American literary and critical studies. 

Courses taught

  • Classical Rhetoric
  • Introduction to Literary Study
  • Poetry
  • Shakespeare
  • Areas of Research
  • Rhetoric, Literary Theory, Pedagogy

Publications (selected)

Aristotle’s Voice, Southern Illinois University Press, 1994; rpt. 2013; Plato, Derrida, and Writing, Southern Illinois University Press, 1988; rpt. 2012


Mina Shaughnessey Prize, MLA; James Kinneavy Prize, JAC; W.  Ross Winderowd Prize, Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition; NEH Junior Scholar Fellowship