Ronald Wetherington

Professor Emeritus



Email: rwetheri[@]

Educational Background

Ph.D 1964 University of Michigan


Past Fellow, American Anthropological Association
  • Historical Archaeology
  • Southwestern Military History
  • Population Genetics
  • Evolutionary Models
  • Interaction of Biology and Culture
  • Science Pedagogy
  • Southwestern US

Courses Taught

ANTH 2315 - Human Evolution
ANTH 3351 - Forensic Anthropoogy: Stories Told by Bones (co-listed with CFB 3351)
ANTH 4336 - Concepts of Evolution: A History (co-listed with CFB 3336)
ANTH 4352 - Special Topics in Anthropology: Human Osteology
ANTH 4399 - Senior Seminar in Anthropology: Looking Back: Perspectives on the Introductory Course
ANTH 6034 - Teaching Seminar


Bridging Levels of Education

Professor Wetherington has long been active in seeking ways to improve learning and to motivate students at all educational levels. He developed and has conducted an annual four-day interdisciplinary science and humanities curriculum for 8th grade students, "The Taos Odyssey", held at SMU-in-Taos, since 1997. Dallas' Christ the King School added the Odyssey to their formal curriculum in 2002. Other participating schools have included Bishop Dunne and Prince of Peace.

He also developed and conducted a week-long "Professional Development Workship" at the request of the Episcopal School of Houston, held in Taos in the summers of 2004 and 2005. At the other end of the educational continuum, Wetherington devised a series of adult education short-course modules as a proposal for SMU-in-Taos. In 2005, the first of these "SMU Cultural Institute" offerings was held, with an enthusiastic response. On campus, Professor Wetherington organized the initial "Teaching Effectiveness Symposium" in 1992, which has become the flagship event for the CTE at the beginning of the fall term, and the "TA Seminar", held each August for first-year graduate students at SMU.

In 2008 Professor Wetherington was appointed as one of six science experts by the Texas Education Agency to advise the State Board of Education on the decennial revision of the science standards for K - 12 public schools. When this concluded in 2009 and the social studies standards were revised, Wetherington again testified against interpretive errors in many of these proposed changes.

A 2012 documentary film on this 2008 - 2011 debate, The Revisionaries, has won several awards and is in general theatrical release in the U.S. It will be featured as a PBS film in 2013.

Selected Publications

In Press Ceran St. Vrain: American Frontier Entrepreneur. Santa Fe: Sunstone Press

2011 Readings in the History of Evolutionary Theory, New York: Oxford University Press

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Memberships and Affiliations:
American Association of Physical Anthropologists 
Society for American Archaeology