Graphic Design Certificate

Develop your creative and technical skills while learning industry-standard design software

Program Fast Facts

  • Start date: September 6, 2022
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays
    6:30 – 9:30 p.m.
  • Online
  • 9 months
  • 3,745 Priority Tuition
    (expires 8/23/22)
    $3,995 Standard Tuition

Frequently Asked Questions

To enroll in the program, you need to have a bachelor’s degree or at least 4 years of related experience. If you do not have a bachelor’s degree, please highlight your 4 years of experience on your resume for clarification. Contact a Program Advisor to see if you qualify for enrollment.

Whether you are an aspiring graphic design professional or a small business professional, this certificate program offers all practical aspects of graphic design. If you have a working knowledge of computers and the internet, we can equip you with a strong foundation in design skills and software.

This depends on what kind of training you already have in graphic design. Take a look at the course details to evaluate whether they cover skill sets or topics you are not familiar with.
Depending on the student and your level of previous experience, plan on spending a minimum of 3-6 additional hours each week on course material and other assignments.
Students receive letter grades for each course. Online exams are administered for each course, with the exception of the Capstone where students complete a final project.
Some of the Graphic Design courses require textbooks. At least one week before each course begins, you will receive an email notifying you of the books you will need. It is required to bring your own laptop to each course with Creative Cloud® downloaded and installed (see below).
During the certificate program you will be working on a real-world graphic design project and will require use of the Adobe® Creative Cloud® software. This subscription is available through Adobe®.com and student discounts may be available. Please note: the Creative Cloud® software needs to be downloaded and installed before your first class, the download is large and may take a considerable amount of time.
We do. To receive links to examples of updated student projects, please e-mail a Program Advisor with your request.
This certificate program is designed to fit the schedule of a working professional. Courses meet in the evenings over a nine-month period. If for some reason you need to miss a class, you must contact the instructor to receive missed materials; you cannot make-up a class.