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Hilltop Scholars Program

Hilltop Scholars

Live. Give. Learn.

Welcome to the Hilltop Scholars Program (HSP), one of SMU’s most distinctive communities. Students who have demonstrated high academic achievement and an interest in service and leadership on their applications to SMU may be invited to join the Hilltop Scholars Program. We select students who have much to offer the University and the community; therefore, consider it an honor to have been chosen for Hilltop Scholars!

This exciting program will provide students with a ready-made community of like-minded individuals who will take selected courses together, including DISC 1312 and/or DISC 1313. In addition, students in HSP will receive more individualized attention, and they will gain personal interaction with classmates inside and outside of the classroom as they work on community service and leadership projects their first year at SMU. If you choose to become part of HSP, you will join other first-year students who want to do well academically and take an active part in giving back to the community.

We hope you decide to take the opportunity to become part of HSP and make a difference your first year at SMU!