The Department of Applied Physiology & Wellness

The Department of Applied Physiology & Wellness

The Applied Physiology and Sport Management program includes a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physiology and Sport Management (APSM) with concentrations in Applied Physiology & Health Management (formerly Applied Physiology & Enterprise), Sport Management or Sport Performance Leadership.

In addition to the B.S. program, there is a Master of Science in Sport Management program and a Ph.D. in Applied Physiology.  We also have two research laboratories: the Locomotor Performance Lab and the Simmons Applied Physiology/Biomechanics Lab.

The Wellness program provides numerous opportunities to complete the wellness university curriculum requirement consisting of two courses: Personal Responsibility and Wellness (PRW) I and II. The wellness courses reflect the University's philosophy that a balanced education should enhance the social, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of students.

All department offerings challenge students to think critically about who they are and the decisions they make. They encourage an attitude of lifelong comprehensive wellness and teach skills to deal with potential imbalances in lifestyle.

The mission of the Department of Applied Physiology and Wellness is to promote academic rigor and sound practice as it relates to health, wellness, fitness, sport management and sport performance leadership.

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