UG Minor Degree Requirements - Current requirements


UG Minor Degree Requirements 2015-2016 and later

A minor in statistical science requires at least 15 term hours as specified below.

Required Courses (6 hours)

STAT 5371-72:  Experimental Statistics I & II

Electives (to complete 15 hours)

At least two from:
STAT 3312: Categorical Data Analysis
STAT 3370/5370:  Survey Sampling
STAT 3385/4385:  Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics
STAT 4340:  Statistics Methods for Engineers and Applied Scientists

STAT 5304:  Introduction to SAS
STAT/EMIS 5377:  Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments
PSYC 2301/3382:  Research Methods in Psychology

(Or other approved courses)

At most one from:
STAT 1301: Introduction to Statistics
STAT 2301: Statistics for Modern Business Statistics
STAT 2331: Introduction to Statistical Methods
ITOM 2305: Managerial Statistics

Total:  15 hours