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Save the date for our 2015 conference

Power Plays: Geothermal Energy in Oil and Gas Fields

May 18, 2015 – Workshop

May 19-20, 2015 – Conference

SMU Campus in Dallas, Texas

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Panorama of SMU main quad

The SMU Geothermal Lab hosts an international conference on Geothermal Energy Utilization. The goal of the conference is to bring together leaders from diverse fields such as business, engineering, finance, law, government, and academia to discuss new techniques for generating and utilizing geothermal energy. Rather than holding the conference on a yearly basis, the event is hosted when there is sufficient new information to be of value to attendees. Past conferences focused on generating geothermal energy from oil and gas wells, and the ability to use the same equipment for waste-heat applications as geothermal power. The presentations from these events are helpful for those learning about project development.

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