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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who attended our workshop and conference Power Plays: Geothermal Energy in Oil and Gas Fields on May 18-20, 2015.  


The SMU Geothermal Lab hosted our 7th international energy conference and workshop, Power Plays: Geothermal Energy in Oil and Gas Fields, May 18-20, 2015 on the SMU Campus in Dallas, Texas. 

Over 125 individuals in field operations, project development, technology, finance, engineering and resource assessment from the geothermal, oil, gas and renewable energy sectors attended. 

The conference goal is to connect attendees with the knowledge, technical expertise and equipment options they need to successfully transition an existing oil or gas field into an electricity-generating system.  To that end, speaker presentations are delivered in a plenary session format with several breaks designed for networking.

Topics of discussion include power generation from flare gas, waste-heat and geothermal fluids, along with research updates on induced seismicity, onshore and offshore thermal maturation, Play Fairway Analysis and basin modeling.  SMU researchers presented results from their Fall 2014 Eastern North American Margin Community Seismic Experiment (ENAM CSE) field work.  Additional opportunities included equipment updates, such as on-site desalination equipment, and other new surface technologies for generating power.  Click here for a conference summary.


A pre-conference workshop was on May 18th, A Primer on Geothermal Energy Resources, that provided a focused introduction for those new to the geothermal and energy communities.  The workshop is limited to 50 registrants to provide a classroom atmosphere with ample time for questions and answers.  Four Continuing Education Credits given. 


Conference sponsorship enables the SMU Geothermal Lab to continue our mission of geothermal education, outreach and research.   Contact Cathy Chickering Pace at or 214-768-1510 to learn more. If you are interested in sponsorship of the Geothermal Laboratory research, give us a call as this is an ongoing process.  If you are looking for assistance on a specific research topic, there are opportunities for us to be hired.   

Speakers and Posters

Check out the list of speakers and poster presentations.  The conference agenda is available.  

Contact Us

Contact Maria Richards at or 214-768-1975 for more information, or with questions, comments and suggestions.  Additional contact information is available here.

Thanks for attending!