Portofino coast (Genoa - Italy)  


Welcome to the Italian Department at SMU. We are proud to offer a wide variety of Italian courses, ranging from beginning language courses to advanced literature courses. Please look over our website, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

How is studying Italian useful?

  1. Italy is a world leader in the culinary arts, interior design, fashion, graphic design, furniture design, machine tool manufacturing, robotics, electromechanical machinery, shipbuilding, space engineering, construction machinery, and transportation equipment.
  2. Six of the 100 biggest global companies have their headquarters in Italy, and Italy is the world’s fifth largest industrial producer of goods.
  3. Knowledge of Italian is not only helpful, but often necessary for academic, business, or social research.
  4. Over 60% of the world's art treasures are found in Italy.
  5. Italian literature boasts some of the world's most famous writers, thinkers, and Nobel Prize winners from Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarch and Machiavelli, to Verga, Svevo, and Pirandello.
  6. Italy has the cultures, landscapes, and histories to fill a lifetime of investigation.


Broaden your horizons . . . study Italian


Gain communication skills, as learning Italian encourages you to think about important details of language usage which may not have occurred to you before, thereby improving your writing and speaking skills in English as well.

Speaking Italian is essential to travel to Italy and experience the essence of its culture. How could you savor a gourmet Italian meal in a Tuscan restaurant if you couldn't read the menu?  

In the fields of diplomacy and trade, the federal government is always seeking qualified applicants with Italian language skills.

Knowledge of the language is essential to fully appreciate the richness of Italian literature, theater, opera, and films.

Learning Italian is a big accomplishment which brings with it great satisfaction and added confidence, and it greatly enhances your skills in analyzing, discussing, and categorizing information and ideas.