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Christopher I. Roos

Associate Professor

Ph.D. 2008 University of Arizona
Heroy Hall 444

  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Human Impacts on Ancient Environments
  • Fire Ecology and Pyrogeography
  • Behavioral Geoarchaeology
  • Southwest US, Northern Plains, and Oceania
  • Courses Taught

    ANTH 3318 - Life in the Ancient Southwest
    ANTH 3384 - Paradise Lost? The Archaeology and Paleoecology of Human-Environmental Impact
    ANTH 3385 - Sustainable Living
    ANTH 6383 - Behavioral Geoarchaeology
    ANTH 6342 - Science and the Human Past

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    I am an environmental archaeologist with primary research interests in the long-term interactions between climate change, human land use, and landscape fires. My regional expertise is in the Southwestern US, but I maintain active research interests in the Northern Plains and Oceania. My research projects are necessarily interdisciplinary, often including dendrochronology, archaeology, ethnography, and sedimentary paleoecology. I received my PhD at the University of Arizona, where I maintain research collaborations, before joining the faculty at SMU in 2010.

    My primary research interests are in (human) ecosystems ecology, particularly in the study of human impacts on social-ecological resilience and vulnerability. Sustainability issues, as framed by resilience theory, inform the questions that drive my research projects. How do human activities alter the response of ecosystems to climate change? What lessons can we learn for contemporary ecosystem management or restoration?

    I maintain additional research interests in archaeological method and theory, particularly the combination of principles from behavioral archaeology with earth sciences methods and techniques to reconstruct past human behaviors - an approach that I call behavioral geoarchaeology. To this end, I use stratigraphy, micromorphology, and soil/sediment chemistry to reconstruct the life histories of ancient dwellings, ritual structures, and community spaces.

    Recent Publications

    Edited Volumes:

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    Articles and Book Chapters: 

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    Memberships and Affiliations:
    Society for American Archaeology
    Society for Archaeological Sciences
    Association of American Geographers
    Association for Fire Ecology
    Ecological Society of America