Hegi Family Career Development Center

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Recruiting Policies

Our services are intended for bona fide employers who adhere to Equal Employment Opportunity guidelines. Additionally, internship postings should adhere to the Fair Labor Act enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor.  Positions that are commission-only, multi-level marketing, request donations, require fees, or investments or are items or services for sale cannot be listed on our job listing site.

We reserve the right to refuse service to employers due to any of the following: requiring at the time of application personal information such as bank and social security numbers; misrepresentation by dishonest information or absence of information; or other derogatory information that would indicate concerns for our students or alumni to work; fraud; harassment of SMU students or alumni; breach of confidentiality; failure to adhere to these Career Center policies and/or any violation of university regulations; multi-level marketing organization; a poor rating with the Better Business Bureau (anything below a C); and local, state, or federal laws. We do not allow anonymous postings in our database.

Fair Labor Act

Whether trainees or students are employees of an employer under the [Fair Labor Standards Act] will depend upon all of the circumstances surrounding their activities on the premises of the employer. If all of the following criteria apply, the trainees or students are not employees within the mean of the [FLSA]:

  1. The training, even though it includes actual operation of the facilities of the employer, is similar to that which would be given in a vocational school;
  2. The training is for the benefit of the trainees or students;
  3. The trainees or students do not displace regular employees, but work under their close observation;
  4. The employer that provides the training derives no immediate advantage from the activities of the trainees or students, and on occasion his operations may actually be impeded;
  5. The trainees or students are not necessarily entitled to a job at the conclusion of the training period; and
  6. The employer and the trainees or students understand that the trainees or students are not entitled to wages for the time spent in training.”1 


Please contact hegicareercenter@smu.edu