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Gifted Students Institute

Southern Methodist University is proud to support the Gifted Students Institute (GSI) as an integral part of the University. The Institute's goals draw on our strengths and challenge us to assist educators, parents, and students and to contribute to ongoing research in giftedness.

In previous years, the field of gifted education expanded. Able learners from diverse populations were increasingly seen as a valuable national resource. As a result, programs for the gifted and talented grew with the support of enthusiastic advocates. Recently, however, the pendulum has swung, both economically and philosophically. Today, more than at any time in the last 20 years, parents, educators, and institutions that nurture intellectual, artistic, and creative minds need the support and assistance of colleges and universities.

Southern Methodist University is pleased to offer summer and academic year programs for gifted pre-college students, to provide staff development and undergraduate and graduate courses for teachers of the gifted, to support research activities, and to reach out to individual gifted young people and their families.

Gifted Students Institute

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