The Writer's Path at SMU

The Writer's Path at SMU-in-Taos

Summer Camp for Adult Writers in Taos, New Mexico

July 5-10, 2018 

Writer's Retreat

Writing: A process that takes time and energy and mental space. 
Give yourself all three at SMU-in-Taos! Think of it - five days to work on a project, meet a deadline, brainstorm your next work -- all without having to worry about "life." Organic meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be prepared for you. We also offer morning stretch(ing) classes and collegial evenings with your fellow wordsmiths. Enjoy the writer's life and experience exponential progress toward your writing goals.


Chapters with Keith Goodnight

You’re on the road of actual writing – join this class for accountability, direction and encouragement.Writing requires allies, and this class is full of them. From any point ofthe writing experience, in any genre, this class can help you getcloser to your goals. Meets EVERY DAY in Taos!PREREQUISITES: Foundation, Story, Plot.

Story with Amanda Arista

Taught by authors with distinctive voices. Discover for yourself: What is my story? Who is my hero? Why are character and plot inseparable? How do my characters relate to each other? What is pacing? What’s my story arc? Why is it important for my hero to have her/his own arc? What’s my theme, my genre, my style? You’ll answer these and other fundamental questions as you create your story’s structure and key scenes. Prerequisite: Creative Writing Foundation 

Solve the Mystery of Mystery Writing with Chloe Green, AKA J.Suzanne Frank

In honor of Dallas hosting the next world's mystery convention (Bouchercon 2019) The Writer's Path is offering a workshop for anyone who ever felt a leaning toward writing a mystery. There are a dozen sub-genres of this popular story form. We will explore which fits YOUR writing best, as you learn how to use the stages of the Hero's Journey along the pathway from commited crime to villain revealed. Chloe Green, the mystery nom de plume of Program Director J. Suzanne Frank, author of the Dallas O'Connor mysteries, will teach you how to weave story, location, character, and crime into a solid outline and key scenes. Course fee includes Room & Board on Taos campus --all you have to do is get there! 


The fee includes full room and board in addition to class. All you have to do is get there! Southwest Airlines flies to Albuquerque. American Airlines flies to Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Call 214-SMU-WRIT (768-9748) or email