Novel Path: Required Courses to Revision

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A STORY BURNS INSIDE YOU. But what do you do? How do you get it out? The Novel Track takes you from the first quivering of an idea through every step of the writing process from the initial sketch to the final project. The Novel track begins after Creative Writing Foundation is completed.

Novel: Story  

Taught by authors with distinctive voices, this is the first part of the journey. Answer the questions: What is my story? Why are character and plot inseparable? How do my characters relate to each other? What is pacing? What is my story arc? Why is it important for my hero to have her/his own arc? What's my theme, my genre, my style? Answer these and other fundamental questions as you create an outline and draft key scenes in this class. Prerequisite: Creative Writing Foundation.

Novel: Plot

Strengthen your understanding of story components, learn how the advanced elements of structure can expand your manuscript while transforming an overwhelming concept into a manageable project. Practice your craft while acquiring skills in creating tension bonds, developing dramatic scenes and deepening character and plot. Prerequisites: Creative Writing Foundation, Novel: The Story.

Novel: Heroic Chapters

(Can be taken before or after Chapters)

You crafted your story skeleton in Story class, you built your plot in Plot class. Using the structure you've created, you'll execute the key scenes of your story, and make sure this IS the story you want to tell, told the way you want to tell it. Each week you'll write a step in your Hero's Journey, and participate in class instruction and discussion to make sure it's effective and belongs in your story. This nine-week, two instructor class is where you'll learn to use the roadmap you've built, to decide what belongs in your story and what doesn't, and where it really begins and ends. This class will guide you through the transition from planning to producing.

Novel: Chapters

You're actually writing, with word counts and chapter breaks -- join this class for weekly deadlines, accountability, direction and encouragement. Writing requires allies, and this class is full of them. From any point of the writing experience, in any genre, this class can help you get closer to your goals. Prerequisites: Foundation, Story, Plot, Heroic Chapters and/or instructor approval. Required once, but take as many times as you'd like.

Novel: Revision

You've completed a first draft. Where do you go from here? Revision offers hard-core analysis of structure, character and pacing while preparing you to write a stronger, cleaner draft, no matter which draft it is. This final story class helps you deepen what you've already created while giving insight to what still needs to be done. Prerequisite for New York Seminar: all classes and manuscript approval. Manuscript must be submitted no earlier than Mar 15, noon and later than March 18, 2019, noon.

Novel: Polish

Scrutinize and perfect, word by word, line by line, your first 15 pages. 

Novel: Pro-edit First 15

A professional editor will review your proposed first fifteen pages, so you can see what the standard is and where you are in relationship to it.

Novel: Rewrite

Novel: New York Judging

Deadline is August 20, 2019, noon

After completing the prerequisites and perfecting your book, you must be selected by our panel in a double-blind judging, first. They -- a published author, an editor, and an avid reader -- read the first fifteen pages + synopsis and rate them based on this rubric. Scores rank from 1-4. We calculate the final numbers, take the highest and invite those writers to participate in the NY Seminar.


SMU Writer's Seminar in New York

November 21 and 22, 2019
Two days, in the extraordinary setting of an Upper East-side mansion, students have the opportunity to live the literary life. Hear an honest and complete critique of your manuscript from publishing professionals, enjoy meals and lectures with those in the business and learn firsthand the intricacies of the publishing world.

*Formula For Success

The New York Seminar serves as a culmination of the The Writer's Path at SMU, and as such, carries several prerequisites: required courses, a complete original novel, and succeeding through our selection process. These requirements help our students move from course to course within the program along pre-determined paths that contribute to their success and help to ensure they gain specific skills and reach certain benchmarks before moving on to the next level. Following these prerequisites ensures the highest quality and the greatest readiness for the New York Seminar applicants.