True Stories Dramatized


Our NEW PATHWAY for Creative Nonfiction! These classes take you from idea to proposal!

Narrative Nonfiction Content: Principles, Tips and Techniques

Discover the drama behind your true story using structural tips and techniques that help your nonfiction with pacing and weaving, so it will “read like a novel.” At the end of five weeks, have three chapters that attest to your writing skill.

Build Your Story Arc: September 2019

Narrative arc holds the story together and pulls its readers along. Your NNF outline shows editors and agents you’ve researched, planned, completed some chapters, and know how to find the end in a meaningful and exciting way. At the end of five weeks, have an outline that shows where your story starts, goes, and ends.

Sell Your Story: Coming 2020

During these five weeks develop parallel skills: find what elements sell in your story and how to present them, ALSO how to present yourself as the perfect choice of writer. By the end of class, you should have a compilation of documents (three chapters, arc, platform, overview, competitive research, author bio) that “sell the story” and “sell the author” in a proposal.

Shine the Shoes: Coming 2020

Revising and rewriting may include tweaking your story’s structure; “prettying up” the language, paying attention to grammar and sentence development, and urging your words to sing. End these five weeks with a complete, well-edited copy to enter the professional arena.