In the extraordinary setting of an Upper East-side mansion, 13 SMU writers will have the opportunity to live the literary life. Hear an honest and complete critique of your manuscript submission from publishing professionals, enjoy meals and lectures with those in the business, and learn firsthand the intricacies of the publishing world.

Since 1995, select, qualified writers who have completed the program have traveled to New York to participate in this unequaled opportunity.

*Formula For Success

The New York Seminar serves as a culmination of the The Writer's Path at SMU, and as such, carries several prerequisites: ten required courses, a complete original novel, and a selection process. These requirements help our students move from course to course within the program along pre-determined paths that contribute to their success and help to ensure they gain specific skills and reach certain benchmarks before moving on to the next level. Following these prerequisites ensures the highest quality and the greatest readiness for the New York Seminar applicants.