The prerequisite, offered EVERY session! Explore your inner poet, screenwriter, travel author and short story writer in this course that teaches the basics of the craft.

Recommended for all students, this essential course provides the foundation for any writing path. Taught by professional writers and published authors, this class will heighten your skills regardless of your chosen genre.

Each night highlights the tools that kind of writing requires -- tools that can be applied to fiction AND nonfiction. You will also read in this class, learn how to listen and critique other writing, learn how to interview, and how to transfer and transmute a "real" experience into fertile grounds for your imagination. 

The final project in this class is to write a short story.

Each section has the same content, but the published author who is teaching the class has her (or his!) own spin on delivering the information. For this reason, the classes aren't interchangeable and every section is a new and exciting combination of students, material and instructor. 

At the end of this five-week course, if you still don't know exactly what you want to write next, we suggest taking Foundation with a different teacher! It will be an entirely new experience that keeps you honing your writing skills and tools.