Master Mathematics Teacher

Master Mathematics Teacher Specialization

You need more than just basic content knowledge or general pedagogy to master the art of teaching mathematics. The Master Mathematics Teacher specialization at the Simmons School is uniquely designed to:

  • Model effective mathematics instruction
  • Prepare teachers for effective differentiation with diverse learners
  • Instill creative problem solving
  • Incorporate useful classroom technologies
  • Translate evidence-based research into classroom teaching
  • Equip teachers for leadership and effective mathematics mentoring

The four-course sequence for the Master Mathematics Teacher specialization incorporates rich examples of advanced mathematics that inform EC-12 teaching of the subject. Students will learn to implement pedagogical tools, differentiation techniques, and best practices, as well as how to incorporate useful manipulatives and technology for use in the classroom.

After successful completion of the four-course sequence, students must take and pass the SMU Qualifying Exam before receiving approval to take the state examination. Teachers with three years teaching experience will be eligible to sit for the state of Texas Master Mathematics Teacher (EC-4, 4-8, or 8-12) certification examination.

Courses meet the state standards for the Master Mathematics Teacher certificate and were aligned with the competencies required for a Master Mathematics Teacher. The MMT program offers 12 hours of coursework.