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Masters of Higher Education

M.Ed. in Higher Education

M.Ed. in Higher Education

The Higher Education Master's Degree Program is designed to provide students with the foundation and resources necessary to understand and analyze how universities and colleges work. Graduates of our program are prepared to take on roles in a wide range of higher education settings and assume many key roles in activities such as admissions, advising, student activities, administration, and policy analysis. 

The Higher Ed program utilizes a cohort model that offers full-time and part-time options. Our full-time track is ideal for students who hold graduate assistantships on SMU’s campus, while our part-time track is designed for working professionals interested in advancing their careers.  Both tracks deliver exceptional ways to build academic and personal connections, as well as experience multiple areas of higher education and discover how universities operate as a whole. 

We emphasize theory and practical experience to prepare you to improve higher education institutions.  Our courses blend the skills necessary to become an active contributor and strong leader within the academy. 

“A higher education degree prepares you for a wide variety of career opportunities - a single college or university operates similar to that of a small city." 

– Dr. Kiersten Ferguson, Program Director & Clinical Associate Professor


Application Deadlines

Preferential Deadline January 1, 2019, for those seeking graduate assistantships and/or departmental scholarships.

Final Deadline May 15, 2019.