Spring Term

Dates: January 22 - March 29, 2019

Registration Period: January 2 - 11, 2019

Course syllabi will be posted at https://www.smu.edu/syllabus.
*All classes will be conducted on the SMU Dallas campus. 

Evening classes are one night per week for 10 weeks, Seminars as listed.

All classes are 3 graduate credits.

Students using financial aid programs must enroll in two classes per term to remain in compliance.

HDDR 6323 Engaging in Conflict

6:00 - 10:15 pm
John Potter
HDDR 6325 Neuroscience: The Role of the Brain in Emotion,
Collaboration, and Conflict

6:00 - 10:15 pm
Betty Snyder

HDDR 6331 Domestic Relations (Family Mediation) 
Prerequisite: HDDR 6303

6:00 - 10:15 pm
Tom Hartsell
HDDR 6361 Cross-Cultural and Gender Negotiation

 6:00 - 10:15 pm

Angela Mitakidis
HDDR 6322 Corporate Internships
Pre-requisite: Current Masters students with a minimum
of 18 hours completed. 

here for syllabus
Click here to access the application for an Internship
Contact Jessica Lunce
for additional information
Bob Barner
Seminar Format Classes - Please note separate drop/withdrawal policies on registration form
HDDR 6372 Performance Coaching
Required for Executive Coaching Certificate
Two weekends
Jan 25-27 & Feb 1-3
 Fri.4-9pm Sat/Sun  8:30-5:30
Bob Barner
HDDR 6302 Negotiation & Dispute Resolution
Required for Graduate Certificate and Master's Program
Two Weekends
Requires additional course fee of $20.00 for instrument.
Feb 1-3 & March 8-10
Fri.4-9pm Sat/Sun 8:30-5:30
John Potter
HDDR 6344 Organizational Change Management
Two weekends
Feb 15-17 & Feb 22-24
Fri.4-9pm Sat/Sun 8:30-5:30
Bob Barner
HDDR 6315 Communication & Dispute Resolution
Required for Master's Program
Two Weekends
Requires additional course fee of $5.00 for conflict assessment. 
Mar 1-3 & Mar 15-17
Fri.4-9pm Sat/Sun 8:30-5:30
Betty Snyder