May Term

Dates: April 8 - June 14, 2019

Registration Period: March 11 - 22

All classes are 3 graduate credits unless otherwise noted. Schedule subject to change.

Regular classes are one night per week for 10 weeks except as noted. Seminars as listed.

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(Schedule is subject to change)

 HDDR 6367 Restorative Justice
6:00 - 10:15 pm
Robyn Short

 HDDR 6341 Employment Law

6:00 - 10:15 pm
Caryn Carson

 HDDR 6303 Mediation & Dispute Resolution
Required for Graduate Certificate and Master's program              

6:00 - 10:15 pm
Angela Mitakidis
 HDDR 6313 Advanced Mediation
 Pre-requisites: Psych of Conflict, Mediation, Negotiation
6:00 - 10:15 pm
John Potter
HDDR 6322 Corporate Internships
Pre-requisite: Current Masters students with a minimum of 18-21 hours completed. 
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Robert Barner
Seminar Format Classes - Please note separate drop/withdrawal policies on registration form
HDDR 6319 Psychology of Conflict 
Two Weekends
Apr 12-14 & Apr 26-28
 Fri.4-9pm Sat/Sun 8:30-5:30
Betty Snyder
HDDR 6317 Online Dispute Resolution
Two Weekends
May 10-12 & May 17-19
 Fri.4-9pm Sat/Sun 8:30-5:30
Daniel Rainey
HDDR 6346 Organizational Consulting
Two Weekends
May 17-19 & May 31-June 2
Fri. 4:00-9pm Sat/Sun 8:30-5:30
Robert Barner
HDDR 6347 Systems Design
Two Weekends
May 3-5 & June 7-9
Fri. 4-9pm Sat/Sun 8:30-5:30
Gary Clayton