Applied Physiology & Health Management

The Science and Management of Health

The Applied Physiology & Health Management undergraduate program provides a rigorous curriculum for understanding the biological basis of health and fitness and the management skills required of professionals in the performance, health and fitness industries.

APHM Major

Applied Physiology & Health Management Major

The required introductory class for students interested in applying for the APHM concentration is APSM 2441 Human Anatomy and Physiology with lab.

Academic coursework and experiential learning opportunities within this program prepare students for a variety of possible career paths including:

  • Commercial health and fitness facility management
  • Corporate fitness programming
  • Nutrition services and products
  • Sports strength and conditioning
  • Health management

Students selecting the concentration of Applied Physiology & Health Management will find that the two primary content areas of science and management are integrated by the organizing principle of evidence-based practice, which parallels the mission of the Simmons School to integrate theory, research and practice.