The APSM major will lead to a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in either Applied Physiology & Health Management, Sport Management, or Sport Performance Leadership. All specializations require coursework in the physiological sciences and business.

The core curriculum introduces the discipline; establishes the scientific basis of health, fitness and human performance; introduces the business principles and skills necessary to establish and maintain a sports-related or fitness-related business; and familiarizes students with the legal and ethical aspects of the fitness, health and sport industries. The program culminates in a mentored senior project.

The two primary content areas of science and management are integrated by the organizing principle of evidence-based practice, which parallels the mission of the Simmons School of Education and Human Development to integrate theory, research and practice.

APHM Specialization

The Applied Physiology & Health Management specialization will ensure that students are prepared to both develop research-based training methods in order to advise effective lifestyle prescriptions as well as design and manage fitness and health facilities for this rapidly growing aging population. The gateway courses required to be considered for the major in APSM with a Applied Physiology & Health Management specialization are APSM 2441- Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 with Lab and APSM 3343- Health Promotion Practice.

The course offerings within this concentration focus on holistic fitness and health outcomes and are formulated and presented around the central theme of evidence-based practice. This strategy endows students with the analytic skills necessary to evaluate and properly incorporate research results into professional practice. The Applied Physiology & Health Management specialization provides students with the solid research foundation that is necessary for leaders, educators and practitioners in the prevention of chronic diseases that plague our society and cripple our health care budget.

Applied Physiology & Health Management Specialization Courses (effective Fall 2015)  - 20 Credit Hours
Course Code   Course Title  Credit Hours
APSM 2441  Human Anatomy & Physiology I with Laboratory (Fall only)
APSM 2442  Human Anatomy & Physiology II with Laboratory *(Spring only) 
APSM 3343  Health Promotion Practice 3
APSM 5351  Fitness and Health Enterprise (Jr. Standing) 3
APSM 5610   Applied Physiology & Enterprise Internship (Sr. Standing)

APSM Core Curriculum for Applied Physiology & Health Management - 16 Credit Hours
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
APSM 3411 Exercise Physiology with Laboratory **                4
APSM 3321 Biomechanics * 3
APSM 3340 Applied Management Skills in Sports and Fitness *                                               3
APSM 3332 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Fitness and Sport * 3
APSM 5300 Senior Project (Sr. Standing) Prerequisite: STAT 2301 or 2331 3

APHM Elective Courses (new)
Students must complete a total of 12 elective hours.
At least 6 hours must be completed by Tier I. 
Tier I  Tier II
  APSM 4312 (4412) Adv Exercise Physiology (3)  APSM 4360 Strength and Conditioning (3)
  APSM 4349 Healthcare Policy (3)  MKTG 3310 Marketing Concepts (3)
  APSM 3351 Nutrition (3)  APSM 5370 Exercise Program Design (3)
  APSM 4355 Global and Public Health Impact (3)  ANTH 4343 Biomedicine, Culture, and Power (3)
   PHIL 3376 Bioethics (3)
   DANC 3363 Kinesiology for Dance (3)
   PSYC 4320 Biological Psychology (3)
   PSYC 3360 Health Psychology (3)
   SOCI 3301 Health, Healing, and Ethics (3)
   ANTH 4303 Political Economy of Health (3)
   CHEM 3371 Organic Chemistry (3)
   BIOL 3304 Genetics (3)
   APSM 5261-5361 Research Practicum

* Pre-Req is APSM 2441
** Pre-Reqs are APSM 2441 and 2442
*** Pre-Req is APSM 3411

Free Electives - by faculty invitation only (1-3 credit hours)

APSM 5160, 5260, 5360 Teaching Practicum
APSM 5261, 5361 Research Practicum

Recommended Courses:

BIOL 1303 Essentials of Biology OR
BIOL 1401 Introductory Biology
BIOL 3306 Physiology (Pre-Rigs BIOL 3304 and 3350)
PHYS 1307 General Physics I OR
PHYS 1313 Fundamentals of Physics
PHYS 1407 General Physics (Pre-Req MATH 1337 Calculus)
PSYC 3360 Health Psychology