Reporting to the SMU Title IX Coordinator and pursuing an internal grievance process

A student who reports sexual misconduct – including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking – may file a complaint under the University’s Title IX Harassment Policy with the SMU Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Access and Equity.

  • The Title IX Harassment Policy is online in the University Policy Manual,, and on the Office of Institutional Access and Equity website,
  • To file a complaint or provide information regarding Title IX harassment, please complete the Title IX Harassment Complaint Form. The form may be submitted anonymously, or with a name and contact information, or by a third party. The form can be emailed to; submitted in Perkins Administration Building, Room 204; or mailed to the SMU Title IX Coordinator, P.O. Box 750200, Dallas, TX 75275-0200.

The internal grievance process includes an investigation of the allegations, sanctions and an appeal process. Students reporting sexual misconduct are encouraged to share as much information as they are comfortable sharing. Pending the outcome of the grievance process and to protect the safety of the SMU community, the University may impose temporary interim measures, such as no contact orders, campus restrictions and temporary suspension.

Students involved in a sexual misconduct case may qualify to receive amnesty for other violations of the Student Code of Conduct, such as alcohol violations, as outlined in the Conduct Review Process. The investigation will focus primarily upon the allegations of sexual misconduct.

For more information, contact the SMU Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Institutional Access and Equity at 214-768-3601 or email