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Residential Commons

Welcome to SMU Living

At SMU, we are transforming the residential life model for students through our Residential Commons program, which integrates the academic, residential and social experience.

Living in one of the 11 on-campus Residential Commons during your time at SMU, you'll find it's easier to make friends and transition smoothly to university life in a supportive environment. Living and interacting with students from across the United States and the world enriches you and prepares you to be a world changer in today's global society. Our residential communities thrive on the individual perspectives, skills and talents of every student resident.

The Commons brings live-in faculty and staff members, resident assistants and other student leaders together to create communities of support. Faculty members associated with each commons will have the opportunity to interact informally and mentor students.

Each commons has developed unique traditions, gatherings and meaningful activities that build community and long-term bonds among residents. Each student will have a close-knit, living and learning environment where a rich intellectual, social, and community life can flourish.

University life in your Res Commons is centered on your personal growth and exploration, expanding your view of the world and your place in it. You'll be challenged by new experiences and learn more about yourself, others and the world around you.

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