Quantitative Reasoning

The contemporary world is extremely data-driven.

3 credit hours | Quantitative Reasoning courses present students with mathematical and/or statistical analysis concepts to sort and interpret key information.


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The Value of Quantitative Reasoning

The Quantitative Reasoning Foundation may be satisfied by SMU coursework, test credit, or transfer credit. Students must submit the Quantitative Reasoning Petition for coursework at another institution.

Student Learning Outcome

Students will demonstrate an ability to interpret mathematical models in the form of formulas, graphs, and/or tables and draw inferences from them.


Requirement Details

Courses may be found in the departments of Mathematics and Statistics, among others.

  • STAT 2331 – Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • MATH 1307 – Introduction to Math Sciences
  • MATH 1309 – Introduction to Calculus for Business and Social Science
  • MATH 1337 – Calculus I
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Students will:

  1. Interpret and translate between multiple different representations of information, such as visual, numerical, symbolic, and/or verbal representations.
  2. Use equations and/or principles to solve for an unknown quantity.
  3. Evaluate whether an argument or conclusion is valid and/or reasonable.
  4. Articulate an argument for an issue that uses quantitative data in a meaningful way.

Courses in this category:

  1. Focus primarily on the manipulation or analysis of numerical data.
  2. Require students to read, interpret, and use mathematical formulas on a regular basis.
  3. Require students to identify, select, and recognize numerical data appropriate to solving specific problems.
  4. Require students to draw inferences and/or conclusions from visual, numerical, symbolic, and verbal representations of information.
  5. Utilize data visualization in order to display mathematical functions or relationships in data.
  6. Include an assessment assignment that requires students to demonstrate each of the skills in the Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Rubric. This assessment assignment should be one of the following: an objective exam, an essay question on an exam, an essay, or a research paper.