Sam Taylor Fellowship Award

The Sam Taylor Fellowship allows faculty in many fields to pursue research projects. SMU is one of only a few universities allowed to submit nominations. For planning purposes and additional information about national fellowship awards, please contact Kathleen Hugley-Cook at and visit the website for the SMU Office of National Fellowships and Awards.

2013 Tim Cassedy Dedman College, English
Michael Chmielewski Dedman College, Psychology
Michael Corris Meadows, Art
A. Benard Cummings Meadows, Theatre
Kate Engel Dedman College, Religious Studies
J. Blake Hackler Meadows, Theatre
Andrea Meltzer Dedman College, Psychology
Lisa Pon Meadows, Art History
Candace Walkington Simmons, Education
Eric White Perkins Theology
2012 Carlos Cardoza-Orlandi Perkins Theology
Erin Hochman Dedman College, History
Chrystyna Kouros Dedman College, Psychology
Alicia Meuret Dedman College, Psychology
Amy Pinkham Dedman College, Psychology
Lorelei Rowe Dedman College, Psychology
Sze-kar Wan Perkins Theology
Hye-jin Yoon Meadows, Advertising
2011 John Buynak Dedman College, Chemistry
Darrell Dickson-Carr Dedman College, English
Brigitte Kovacevich Dedman College, Anthropology
Anne Schilling Meadows Arts, Theater
Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner Perkins Theology
2010 Christopher Anderson Perkins Theology
Sunday Eiselt Dedman College, Anthropology
Matthew Keller Dedman College, Sociology
Cecil O’Neal Meadows Arts, Theater
Elizabeth Russ Dedman College, World Languages and Literatures
Lisa Siraganian Dedman College, English
David Son Dedman College, Chemistry
Sarah Willen Dedman College, Anthropology
2009 Sarah Allen Meadows Arts, Music
Jill DeTemple Dedman College, Religious Studies
Robert Hunt Perkins Theology
Sheri Kunovich Dedman College, Sociology
Ruben Sanchez-Godoy Dedman College, World Languages & Lit
Susanne Scholz Perkins Theology
Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner Perkins Theology
2008 Ben Johnson Dedman College, History
Mark Kerins Meadows Arts, CTV
Nia Parson Dedman College, Anthropology
Pamela Patton  Meadows Arts, Art History
Lisa Pon Meadows Arts, Art History
Simon Sargon Meadows Arts, Music
Gabriela Vokic Dedman College, Worlds Languages & Lit
2007 Mark Chancey Dedman College, Religious Studies
Elaine Heath Perkins Theology
Richard Nelson    Perkins Theology
Brent Sumerlin Dedman College, Chemistry
Matthew Wilson Dedman College, Political Science
2006 Fred Olness Dedman College, Physics
Harold Recinos Perkins Theology
2003 Rebekah Miles Perkins Theology
Pauline Newton Dedman College, English
2002 Trysh Travis Dedman College, English
2001 Thomas Matt Walker Dedman College
2000 John Buynak Dedman College, Chemistry
1999 Evelyn Parker Perkins Theology
1997 Susanne Johnson Perkins Theology
Ruth Wilson Dedman College
1995 Patricia Davis Dedman College
Sam Holland Meadows Arts, Music
1994 Alastair Norcross Dedman College, Philosophy
1993 Patricia Davis Dedman College
Leroy Howe Perkins Theology
David Sladen/Rita Whillock Meadows Arts, Communications
Bonnie Wheeler Dedman College, English
1989 Stanley Menking Perkins Theology
1988 Bert Affleck Perkins Theology