Office of National Fellowships and Awards

SMU's Office of National Fellowships helps SMU students and faculty to apply for external, nationally-competitive fellowships, scholarships and awards such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Mitchell, Truman, Goldwater, Udall, Guggenheim, and many others. If you wish to be a candidate, review carefully the additional links on this page. After reviewing programs and criteria, if you feel there is a fit, contact us to investigate applying.

Students and Alumni

Nobel Prize Laureate: James Cronin, Physics
Elected to National Academy of Engineering, 1984:  Robert H. Dennard
National Academy of Engineering Draper Prize 2009:  Robert H. Dennard
Marshall Scholar: Rahfin Faruk, Public Policy
NSF Graduate Research Fellowships: Nicole Hartman, Physics; Kevin Bruemmer, Chemistry; Margaret Sala, Psychology
NSF REU undergraduate research: Ifeanyi Achu, Math/Physics;  Uma Lad, Environmental Science
Fulbright Grant to Armenia: Erin Pinon
Fulbright Grant to Kosovo: Hena Rafiq
Fulbright Grant to Spain:  T. Nate White 
Fulbright Grant to Spain:  Daniela Santana
Goldwater Scholar:  Patricia Nance, Chemistry
Goldwater Scholar:  Joseph DiPane, Biology
NDSEG, National Defense Science Graduate Fellowship:  Kimberly Mendoza
Texas Space Grant Consortium:  Caleb Bunton, Chemistry
Gilman Scholars: Sadie Donnelly, Japan; Syed Rizvi, Oman; Emely Villeda-Principe, Japan
DAAD RISE summer research, Germany:  Danh Nguyen, Biology
Library of Congress summer internship:  Ryan Cross, International Studies
French Government Teaching Assistantship: Eva Pollitt, Theater
Austrian Government Teaching Assistantship: Brett Fox, World Languages
PEO International Fellowship: Courtney Follitt, Biological Science

Congratulate our recent student successes


Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences: Caroline Brettell; Charles Curran; David Meltzer; 
                 Schubert Ogden; Albert Outler (d); David Weber (d)
Elected to National Academy of Sciences: David Meltzer
Elected to National Academy of Engineering: Delores Etter; Fred Chang
Elected to Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science: James Quick; David Meltzer;
                Delores Etter; Brian Stump; Steven Currall
Elected to PRSA College of Fellows: Sandra Duhe, Meadows
Guggenheim Fellows 2017:  Mark Chancey, Religious Studies; Adam Herring, Art History
NSF Early CAREER Award: Nicolay Tsarevsky, Chemistry
NEH Fellowships 2017: Sabri Ates, History ;  Zach Wallmark, Music
Fulbright Scholars: Chris Jenks, Law, Australia; Blake Hackler, Theater, Bulgaria; Jeffrey Kahn, Law, Norway
CASVA Fellowship, National Gallery of Art:  Amy Freund, Art History
ACLS Fellowships: Jill Kelly, History; Lisa Siraganian, English
Charles Ives Fellowship, Am. Acad. Arts & Letters: Xi Wang, Music
Mellon Foundation New Directions Fellowship: Lisa Siraganian, English
NEH Summer Stipend: Tim Cassedy, English
Stanford CASBS Fellow: Johan Elverskog, Religious Studies
Premio Cappellini: James Quick

Sam Taylor Fellowships

Karisa Cloward, Political Science
Eunjin Kim, Advertising
Stephanie Langin-Hooper, Art History
Karen Lupo, Anthropology
Jamal Mohamed,Music
Herve Tchumkam, World Languages (French)
Roberto Vega, Physics



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