Successful completion of the MAST+ Program means having completed all of the following offerings to the best of their ability:

  1. Attendance at all offered retreats
  2. Regular attendance at “MAST+ Lunch” sessions
  3. Attendance of Christmas, Eastertide Dinner, and MAST+ Symposium
  4. Regular attendance at any Workshop / Guest Speaker Events
  5. Completing a total of 4 Devotionals, 2 Blogs, and 2 Articles
  6. MAST+ Art & Theology Journal Submission and Symposium Presentation
  7. Reading any materials recommended for the group
  8. Leading through one chapel service

Each piece outlined as part of the program requirements is an opportunity to integrate a student’s interest with broader theological reflection and the needs of the church today. As such, participation is vital to the success of MAST+. Invitation to the second year of MAST+ does necessitate the completion of the first-year requirements. Failure to complete the first-year program requirements will result in the withdrawal of your MAST+ offering.

In the MAST+ program, completion of all year-one requirements ensure students receive a $1,500.00 award and are invited to participate in year-two. The year-two award is given at the end of the program and may include
 additional end-of-program awarding. 



Students applying for MAST+ must:

  • be admitted to Perkins School of Theology in a master's degree program
  • be attending classes through the residential format in Dallas
  • have at least two years of study remaining at Perkins



Yes! At the end of each year, students receive an award for successfully completing the program requirements.

No, the MAST+ program covers the cost of transportation, lodging and meals for participating students.

Yes, you can as long as you have two years remaining in your degree at Perkins when you apply for MAST+. We invite you to apply the fall semester following your spring enrollment.

At this point, we are not opening MAST+ to students in the Hybrid format. In person presence is an important component of the program. That said, if you are interested in the program as a student in the hybrid format, be sure to email the directors outlining your interest. 

No, MAST+ expands to include the broader sense of the multi-vocational.

Because you care deeply about art, theology, and writing.

Because you feel called to discern how creativity is part of your vocation.

Because you desire a community of creative, task-oriented colleagues, who will help you in your journey.