The Program

Program Outline

  • Orientation
  • Retreat #1: St. John’s Abbey
  • Community: MAST+ Lunches (3/4)
  • Vision: 3 Devotionals
  • Discernment: Possible Workshops/Guest Speakers
  • Community: Christmas Dinner

  • Retreat #2: Houston / DFW
  • Community: MAST+ Lunches
  • Community: Eastertide Dinner
  • Vision: 1 Devotional, 2 Blogs
  • Community: MAST+ Chapel Service
  • Vision: Journal Submission Proposal Due
  • Discernment: Possible Workshops/Guest Speakers
  • Vision: MAST+  Symposium Attendance

  • Retreat #3:  (TBD)

  • Community: Lunch and Colloquy (3/4)

  • Voice: 1 Article, 1 Piece of Your Choice

  • Discernment: Possible Workshops/Guest Speakers

  • Community: Christmas Dinner

  • Voice: Journal Submission 1st Draft Due

  • Community: Lunch and Colloquy (3/4)
  • Community: Eastertide Dinner
  • Voice: 1 Blog, 1 ‘About the Author’ page/paragraph
  • Community: MAST+ Chapel Service
  • Discernment: Workshops/Guest Speakers
  • Voice: MAST+ Journal Submission and Symposium
  • Retreat #5: MAST+ Closing Ceremony


The following offerings are funded through the MAST+ program and are included with your acceptance:

  • Participating in lectures, talks, and workshops led by other creatives in their field
  • Attending reflection retreats, including to St. John’s Abbey in Minnesota
  • Presenting at and/or attending creative conferences from the approved list*
  • Producing content such as blogs, articles, devotionals, etc.,
  • Collaboration in creating a piece for the “MAST+ // Theology & Art Journal” and presentation of piece in an end of program symposium
  • Participating in several gatherings at SMU, centered around shared meals and discussion
  • Working through supplemental readings and recommended materials
  • Receiving a stipend for completing the program requirements

*Conferences can be added to the list, pending the approval of the directors