Houston-Galveston Community Life & Resources

Perkins School of Theology

A diverse community of faith, the Houston-Galveston Extension Program of Perkins School of Theology is a place where we study, learn, grow, worship and experience God together. Community life among Houston-Galveston students, organized and planned by faculty, staff, and students, is enhanced through regular community worship during face-to-face sessions, spiritual formation groups and other informal gatherings.

Opportunities abound for conversation and fellowship with students and faculty inside and outside the classroom, but particularly during face-to-face class meals. Through the Houston-Galveston Extension Program, you will have the opportunity to build relationships extending far beyond graduation.

With approximately 350 students, 40 faculty, and 25 staff in Dallas and our Houston-Galveston Extension Program, Perkins is a community that cares.

Shared Resources

Perkins faculty commute from Dallas and spend time with students during face-to-face sessions so that students in the Houston-Galveston program receive the same outstanding education as those on the SMU campus. Spiritual Formation is facilitated by local persons who have received additional training under the leadership of Dr. Ruben Habito.

World-renowned Bridwell Library at SMU in Dallas provides a reserve shelf in the Houston Methodist Hospital Library. Students in the Houston-Galveston Extension Program can access resources through the online catalog. Research materials will be shipped to students upon request.