Kim Bryan, Director of the DMA Partners Program, Dallas Museum of Art

"MY EXPERIENCE IN THE M.A./M.B.A. PROGRAM prepared me extremely well for the realities of working in the arts in the 21st century. While maintaining a strict allegiance to the mission of the organization, arts organizations and other nonprofits operate increasingly like for-profit businesses. The unique nature of the dual degree program at SMU prepares students for the real world mix of serving the mission of the arts and maintaining best business practices that are increasingly the standard of arts organizations at the highest level."

Emily Zeck, Subscriptions Manager, Denver Center for the Performing Arts

"I CHOSE THE SMU M.A./M.B.A. PROGRAM because I believed the arts administration field lacked professionals who truly appreciate both the art of business and the business of the arts. Learning how to integrate the two during my time at SMU was an awesome investment that I expect to depreciate very slowly."

Sandra Doan, Director of Artistic Planning, Van Cliburn Foundation

"THE SMU M.A./M.B.A. PROGRAM WAS VITAL in translating my absolute passion for classical music into effective arts management. I gained the knowledge, skills and practical experience necessary to navigate the enormous challenges and changes in this industry. In my current position at the Van Cliburn Foundation, I use these skills every day to create opportunities for musicians to foster creativity and perform while connecting communities with the extraordinary musical experiences that result."

Sydney Langdon, Corporate Responsibility, Turner Broadcasting

"SMU'S DUAL M.A./M.B.A. PROGRAM OFFERS a unique educational approach which provided me the perfect combination of skills and expertise needed to pursue a career in nonprofit consulting."

Tom Parrish, Executive Director, Geva Theatre

"MY EXPERIENCE AT SMU GAVE ME THE SKILLS, tools and experience I needed to assume rapidly a leadership role at a major American theatre company. The program’s unique combination of business education, arts background and practical experience created a great foundation on which to build my career. I continuously draw on the lessons I learned in the SMU M.A./ M.B.A. program."

James Johnson, President & CEO, Omaha Symphony

"IN 25 YEARS AS AN EXECUTIVE IN THE ARTS, nothing gave me a head start like the SMU M.A./ M.B.A. The talented faculty and administrators, the rigorous course work, the opportunities to learn from leading professionals in the field – these are people and experiences you can’t find on your own or at any other institution. While I am proud of the jobs I have held over the years, when asked about my background, I never fail to mention that my career really began at SMU."

Rob Wiseman, Associate Director of Development, Seattle Opera

"MY YEARS AT SMU WERE A CHALLENGING time of growth with learning experiences in India and Milan, course work that unveiled new professional interests, including fundraising, and analytical skills that I use every day. Networking opportunities abound not only in Dallas, but around the country, and were critical in helping me land a job before graduating. Without question, I am happy with my decision to attend SMU and its impact on my career."