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Spring 2018

The Spring 2018 CSC workshop series will provide a hands-on experience that will guide researchers from the basics of using SMU’s supercomputing resources to advanced parallelization and application specific usage. The topics will cover information useful for researchers to quickly begin to use the new compute capabilities provided with the new cluster. New users are encouraged to take advantage of the introductory "Introduction to ManeFrame II (M2)" workshop that will be given once monthly during the semester.

Workshops will be given weekly on Wednesday’s in Fondren Library East Room 110 from 12:00 to 2:00 PM. Register here!

Date Workshop
January 24 Introduction to ManeFrame II (M2)
January 31 Using R on ManeFrame II (M2)
February 07 Introduction to ManeFrame II (M2)
February 14 Using SAS on ManeFrame II (M2)
February 21 Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks
February 28 Accessing Graphical Applications ManeFrame II (M2)
March 07 Introduction to ManeFrame II (M2)
March 14 No Workshop (Spring Break)
March 21 Using the NVIDIA P100 Nodes
March 28 Advanced Slurm Features
April 04 Introduction to ManeFrame II (M2)
April 11 Using the Intel Xeon Phi Nodes
April 18 Parallel Python on ManeFrame II (M2)
April 25 Tips for Automating Computational Workflows

CSC Spring 2018 Workshop Series