Assignment Design

A librarian can provide expert insights to ensure your assignments appropriately assess your students’ abilities to use research resources. Work with your subject librarian to create effective assignments and assessments. Our Research Assignment Design Guide has tips for creating assignments that prioritize your learning outcomes, focus on the research and writing process, and scaffold learning. 

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

The Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education guides us when writing student learning outcomes. Consider the following areas as they relate to the needs of your students for your assignment:

  • Students evaluate information with an understanding of context. 
  • Students understand how and why information is produced.
  • Students recognize that information has value and use and manage information ethically.
  • Students approach research with open-minded inquiry.
  • Students understand that knowledge is developed through sustained discourse and competing perspectives.
  • Students apply critical thinking, perseverance, and knowledge of information systems to search.

Research Assignment Stipend

You may choose to apply for a Research Assignment Stipend when developing an assignment with a librarian. Winning faculty members are awarded a $1000 stipend upon completion of a report on the impact on learning in the course.