Staff Resources

Vision, Mission & Values

CUL Strategic Plan

As the primary information resource for the SMU community, and commonly referred to as ‘the heart of the University,’ the Central University Libraries plays a central role in supporting the University's aspiration to be a leading research institution and a dynamic, engaged, learning environment. CUL will be committed to the use of transformative processes and tools in support of this vision, and will be an active participant in the digital revolution. As information needs change and grow, CUL will seek to play a leadership role in the intellectual life of the SMU community.

The Central University Libraries supports and enriches SMU’s academic mission and heritage. CUL serves students, faculty, staff and the general public by building collections, organizing information, providing high quality research assistance, and preserving, digitizing and showcasing library materials. CUL staff will provide outstanding professional assistance in the access of diverse resources, and create an environment that respects academic freedom, encourages open enquiry and excites the mind.

Staff Values

  • We value all members of the SMU community and the contributions they make to the teaching, research and learning environment.
  • We value an environment of integrity, trust, diversity, open communication, and respect that fosters collaboration, creativity and learning.
  • We value intellectual freedom and support its role in academic research and education.
  • We value the unique quality of our collections and our ability to provide access to the world’s information resources.
  • We value our role in preserving and maintaining the SMU collections for future use.
  • We value our collective knowledge, experience and skills to provide quality services in a professional manner.
  • We value the Central University Libraries as a place that provides a cultural and intellectual center for study, research, work, and life-long learning.
  • We value the joy and excitement of learning, both for ourselves and those we serve.
  • We value an environment that encourages innovation and new ideas.