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Procedures for Accidents and Medical Emergencies

Procedures for Accidents and Medical Emergencies


Detailed information and all online forms for reporting accidents are available on the Risk Management/Environmental Health and Safety website.
These procedures apply to all building employees, students and outside visitors. 

When an accident occurs and after the injured/ill employee has been helped, the employee needs to complete the First Report of Accident/Incident form.

NOTE: due to insurance requirements, this form must be submitted to Risk Management within 24 hours of the accident.
If you have any questions, you may contact the Office of Risk Management (ORM) at 8-2083. Their email address is

An injured/ill employee should contact a supervisor immediately. If the immediate supervisor is not available, employee should contact the Assistant Deanfor
Human Resources.  This same procedure applies to non-emergency injuries.

For Non-emergency Accidents

For minor or non-emergency accidents (e.g. minor cuts), students can go to the SMU Health Center, located in Perkins Hall at 6004 Hillcrest Avenue, 214-768-2141, for treatment. The Health Center does not treat non-emergency accidents for faculty and staff.


Medical Emergencies

  • Contact 911 and give the specific location and address. Identify yourself as a staff member. If calling from an SMU phone, the call goes to SMU PD. If calling from a cell phone, dial 214-768-3333. Dialing 911 from a cell phone could send the call to several municipalities, but will not go to SMU PD. The individual calling 911 should stay on the line with SMU dispatch until instructed to hang up. Note: Staff need to be cautioned to limit noise and disruptions near the person on line with the 911 dispatcher. Such noise is distracting to the person calling for help and also potentially frighteningor upsetting to the sick/injured person.
  • 1 –2 people should stay with the individual. Provide immediate care if appropriate.
  • Send staff to the building entrances (east, west and south) to help in directing emergency personnel to the incident site.
  • Notify the Circulation Desk staff in case the emergency personnel go there first or miss the person waiting to take them to the location of the incident.
  • Notify CUL HR Office and your Supervisor. One of them will notify the Dean of CUL.
  • All other staff members need to give the individual privacy and move to their own work areas or to another area away from the location of the incident. Individuals have a right to privacy and emergency personnel need clear access and privacy to perform any needed medical procedures.
  • After the emergency, CUL HR and the staff member’s Supervisor will take responsibility for notifying confidential emergency contacts as appropriate. If CUL HR staff are not available, the supervisor should contact SMU HR, 8-3311.
  • For worker’s compensation job injuries, the supervisor should follow the SMU standard procedure as outlined on the Workers' Compensation webpage.

Note: Individuals have the right to privacy on any medical related information. Staff are cautioned not to discuss private medical information. If an individual chooses to share personal medical information with someone, that is his/her right.

Always call 911, if unsure of the type of emergency.

Emergency Numbers:


From SMU landline, 911

From cell phone, 214-768-3333

 FLC Circulation:  8-2329
 CUL HR:   

Bill Dworaczyk, 8-3140

Carolyn Keenon, 8-1850

 SMU HR: 8-3311
Health Center 8-2141