Staff Resources

Termination Procedures

  1. A letter of resignation from the staff member is submitted to his/her supervisor and then passed on to the reporting Assistant Dean.
  2. The letter of resignation is then submitted to the Assistant Dean of Human Resources. A termination form will be filled out by the Human Resources Coordinator, who will submit the form and the letter of resignation to the Dean’s Office for the Dean’s signature. The termination form, with the letter of resignation attached, must also be signed by the Financial Officer, before being sent to SMU Human Resources.
  3. When SMU Human Resources receives the Termination Form, the employee is sent a link to COBRA information and a document that addresses final pay, payout of vacation, and benefits, along with a link to an online Exit Survey.
  4. The employee has the option of requesting an exit interview with SMU Human Resources by contacting the HR Benefits Representative (Ext 8-2072) to schedule an exit interview.
  5. The reporting Assistant Dean or Director will schedule an exit interview with the terminating employee.
  6. Terminating librarians should also schedule an exit interview with the Dean and Director, Central University Libraries.
  7. The Coordinator of CUL Human Resources will inform the CUL IT department of the termination. CUL IT will remove the employee from Voyager Security and various CUL listservs at the end of the last day.
  8. Terminating employees will surrender all keys on the last work day. For Fondren employees, the keys are to be turned in to the Coordinator of  CUL Human Resources. For Hamon employees, keys are to be surrendered to the employee’s supervisor.
  9. The employee must return his/her SMU ID card and parking decal to Park ‘N Pony.
  10. If the employee possesses an SMU procurement card, it must be returned to the supervisor and destroyed.
  11. Any equipment assigned to an employee must be returned to the supervisor.
  12. Any subscriptions and memberships in committees and professional organizations that are linked to the employee’s role at SMU must be cancelled.
  13. The Coordinator of CUL Human Resources will remove all employees from Card Reader access to Fondren, effective the end of the last day. For Hamon employees, the Supervisor of General Operations will submit a help ticket to have the employee removed from card reader access to Hamon.
  14. Supervisors should be provided passwords to departmental files and accounts as well as employee’s voice mail access code.
  15. Supervisors will arrange for the transfer of any relevant work material, including moving folders/files from the employee’s computer. A help ticket can be submitted if help is necessary.

Managers and employees can go to and click on Managers with Exiting Employees for a more complete list of termination procedures.