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SMU Libraries Search Committee Checklist

  1. Supervisor sends job description to HR Business Partner (HRBP) to create requisition. Requisition is routed to Dean, Financial Business Manager and supervisor for approvals.

  2. HRBP meets with supervisor/chair and search committee to clarify procedures, roles, and expectations. Timeline for position posting is confirmed.

  3. HRBP sends job posting language and pre-assessment questions to supervisor for approval.

  4. Confirm all advertising venues and submit as appropriate. HR will post to ALA,, TLA, and Chronicle of Higher Ed (generally, only senior level positions are posted on CHE web). Search committee members will post to listservs and other specialized venues. Also post to Amigos and the Center for Research Libraries websites. Non-librarian positions are generally posted on Career Builder and on other specialized venues as appropriate.

  5. Once posted, supervisor and search committee members will have immediate access to resumes.

  6. Librarian search committee meets to review resumes after priority consideration date. Resume reviews are conducted by using the position criteria.

  7. Committee identifies candidates for phone interviews (generally 6–8). Contacts HRBP before contacting candidates.

  8. After receiving confirmation from HRBP to proceed, candidates are contacted and scheduled for pre-screen interviews (phone or Skype).

  9. Pre-screen interviews conducted; obtain evaluations; search committee meets afterward to decide on recommendations for on campus interviews, usually 2–4 candidates.

  10. Librarian search committee will request letters of recommendation from references immediately after candidates are identified for campus interviews; include date to return.

  11. Notify HRBP before contacting candidates. HRBP will update in Taleo system.

  12. Librarian search committee chair sends the Dean information on candidates recommended for campus interviews. Include brief justification of each person, resumes, reference letters, and a summary of the pre-screening interview results.

  13. Once candidates are confirmed for on campus interviews, prepare and work through all logistics. Determine interview schedules/dates; make all arrangements and determine who will be included in interviews. See “Checklist for Campus Interviews” for more details (this list is used primarily for librarian positions).

  14. Conduct interviews; obtain evaluation forms from interviewers.

  15. Committee meets to make recommendation—preferably within two days after last interview.

  16. Contact HRBP with recommended name to begin background and education check. Reference information is collected here for non-librarian positions.

  17. HRBP sends language to committee chair regarding offer.

  18. Contact references for recommended candidate by phone (or top two candidates if needed). Prepare list of questions in advance.

  19. HRBP alerts supervisor that background is clear and sends “Authorization to make a Verbal Offer” email.

  20. Dean contacts librarian candidates to make verbal offer and confirm start date.

  21. Non-librarian candidates are contacted by the supervisor to make offer and confirm start date.

  22. Supervisor sends completed "Authorization to make a Verbal Offer” email to HRBP.

  23. HRBP sends offer letter to candidate.

  24. Supervisor sends letters to candidates interviewed, but not selected.  

June 2019