Staff Resources

New Employee Set-up/Orientation

  • The supervisor should review the Department Orientation Document sent from SMU HR. This gives a more detailed outline of what is expected of the supervisor before and after the new employee arrives.
  • HR will send the SMU ID for the new employee to the supervisor and to the SMU Libraries Personnel office. In turn, the SMU Libraries Personnel will send the SMU ID to SMU Libraries IT.
  • SMU Libraries IT plays a critical part in setting up the new employee. View a complete list of what SMU Libraries IT provides and what is expected from the supervisor. It is imperative that the supervisor follow the instructions given on this site, in order to set the new employee up correctly.

Preliminary Process

The supervisor should do the following prior to the new employee’s first day:

  • Call new employee to welcome them and to clarify logistics for the first day.
  • Request keys from SMU Libraries Personnel office.
  • Order name tag from Meg Ruckman.
  • Order business cards, as needed, from Meg Ruckman.
  • Coordinate department orientation agenda and establish training schedule.
  • Set up employee orientation with IT for employee’s first day (afternoon).
  • Order basic office supplies to set up desk.

First Day

The supervisor should provide the new employee with the following on the first day:

  • Overview of SMU Libraries organization and departments (org charts).
  • SMU Libraries strategic planning documents – show employee where to find them on our website.
  • Staff directory and appropriate contact(s) for specific needs. Show employee where to find staff directory on our website.
  • Emergency preparedness manual – identify emergency exits, shelter locations.
  • Introduce the new employee to the department.
  • Begin a tour of the building.
  • Introduce employee to SMU Libraries staff.
  • Explain how office supplies are ordered.
  • Review notification procedures when arriving late or when out for illness.
  • Discuss department dress code.
  • Orientation with SMU Libraries IT staff (scheduled in advance).
  • Review timekeeping system/procedures.
  • Review work schedule.
  • Discuss communication procedures and departmental meeting schedules.
  • Provide new employee with a list of acronyms used in the library
  • Review lunch breaks and inform employee of Hughes-Trigg and Umphrey Lee for lunch and snacks. Also inform them of the location of snack machines in the library.

First Week

  • Remind the new employee to complete the on-line orientation tutorial before the end of the 5th day of employment.
  • Check in with the new employee to answer any question he/she may have concerning their position, office policies or general procedures.
  • Provide the new employee with a copy of Now, Discover Your Strengths, available from the SMU Libraries Personnel Office.
  • The employee will be expected to take the online test outlined in the book (first) and then read the book. Results of the test will be given to the SMU Libraries Personnel office, with a copy retained by the supervisor; try to complete within the first month.
  • Discuss holiday schedule.
  • Continue the tour of the building and introducing employee to staff.
  • Introduce employee with our website and Staff Resources.
  • Introduce employee to Inside-SMU on our website – posting leave on SMU Libraries leave calendar, etc.
  • Go over sick/vacation procedures.
  • Educate the employee about help tickets – work orders, IT, OIT.

First Month

  • The new employee is expected to take four tutorials required by SMU Human Resources during the first month:
    • Preventing Sexual Harassment
    • Preventing Workplace Discrimination
    • SMU Program for the Protection of Minors Tutorial
    • Data and Security and Privacy
  • Certificates for the tutorials are to be printed off and sent to SMU Libraries Personnel department.
  • The new employee will also need to enroll in SMU & You Session during this time. HR will send the employee an e-mail with instructions.
  • Review training needs with employee and schedule as necessary.