Staff Resources

Checklist for Campus Interviews

For Search Committee Chair/Search Committee

This list is used primarily for librarian positions, but in some cases may be helpful for other positions as well.

1. Check dean’s calendar for available interview dates (for librarian candidates)

2. Send message to staff announcing candidates and dates

3. Identify presentation topic and send to candidate at least one week in advance

4. Book hotel and flight. The Personnel Coordinator (Carolyn Keenon) will coordinate all logistics including flight, hotel, transportation, refreshments, and meals)

5. Develop interview schedule for the day

6. Schedule rooms for meetings and presentation

7. Arrange for coffee/tea after presentation

8. Identify who escorts candidates to each location, picks up from hotel, conducts tour, etc.

9. Identify groups/individuals to interview candidates

10. Prepare questions for search committee and small groups (if needed)

11. Book lunches and dinners as appropriate

12. Send information/links to candidates - SMU, Benefits, Strategic Plan, Org Chart

13. Distribute candidate evaluation forms, or send link, to all interviewers. Available on Staff Resources – Personnel Procedures

14. Prepare presentation evaluation forms and bring to presentation. Available on Staff Resources – Personnel Procedures

15. Schedule transportation to/from hotel and airport

16. Arrange for parking with dean’s administrative assistant if needed

17. Have IT set up SIC-364 for presentation