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Innovation Grants


CUL's Strategic Plan Goal 7.4 states: collaboration, flexibility, innovation, and enhanced efficiency are promoted and rewarded. In order to meet this goal, CUL's Leadership Team encourages staff to apply for an Innovation Grant to fund new and creative ideas for projects and services. The purpose of the grants is to encourage staff to take risks and try new ideas in their pursuit of service excellence; although a successful project is a desirable outcome, experimenting with a project and determining that it is not sustainable is also acceptable. The ultimate goal of the grants is to promote leadership and creativity in staff at any level of the organization while working toward our ultimate goal of enhancing the user experience for the SMU constituency.


Grant requirements, application details, deadlines and funds information are all available in the CUL SharePoint site.

All documents are read-only. You will need to download copies of them to edit and save them. Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to CUL SharePoint; login with with your SMU email address and your SMU ID password. (This link will take you to this document library).

  2. Click the checkbox of the document you need. This will highlight it. Then click on Download a Copy.

  3. Follow your browser's instructions to save your copy on your computer.

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