Canvas Course Modules

SMU Libraries provides research and information literacy course modules for you to import into your Canvas course. These modules teach foundational concepts and skills, reinforced with outside readings and quizzes. Each module has suggested activities for further learning. We can create customized modules upon request. 


Available Modules

  • Writing with Sources (Graduate or Undergraduate Students)
  • Searching for Information Online
  • How to Read a Scholarly Article - Sciences and Social Sciences
  • Evaluating News Media
  • Finding News Articles
  • Conducting a Literature Review
  • Business Research
  • Primary Sources
  • Finding Places to Publish
  • MLA Citation
  • APA Citation
  • Chicago Style Citation
  • ASA Style Citation

Import Library Modules

  1. Go to Canvas Commons
  2. Search for SMU Libraries
  3. Import module (instructions)

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Email infolitonline@smu.edu

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