Storage and Preservation

Librarians are available to show you the various resources provided by the university and the scholarly community to store your data. Librarians can guide you to preservation best practices that help in the long-term accessibility of your data in these storage systems.

For information on other repositories not listed below, see the Research Data Management research guide: Archive and Preserve


SMU Repositories for Data Storage

Box is a cloud storage and file hosting system. Users create boxes and folders containing items and manage permissions for these items. Currently the university contract with Box allows for unlimited storage space and Box allows users to take advantage of the cloud storage distributive model. There is a 15 GB file size limit which might be a hindrance if researchers want to keep files together in a large zip file.

Quick Information:

  • Cloud storage and file hosting system contracted with SMU
  • Managed by Box
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 15 GB file size limit

For more information on Box, visit Box@SMU.

SMU Scholar is an institutional repository managed by Bepress. Users can submit different types of materials into designated collections for public open access. SMU Scholar provides a central location for all university research output and has a simple submission process. There is a 2 GB per file limit for items uploaded to SMU Scholar. Materials uploaded to SMU Scholar will be harvested into the university digital preservation system, Rosetta.

Quick Information:

  • SMU's institutional repository
  • Managed by Bepress
  • Unlimited storage
  • 2 GB file size limit (files larger than 2 GB may be uploaded but will require assistance from repository manager)

For more information, visit SMU Scholar or contact James Williamson, SMU Institutional Repository Manager.